How much does your service cost?

We have successfully managed to keep our costs to clients at a very low level, through passing on our fees to the Supplier chain. By adopting this approach, our services to the client are free of charge.

By utilising independent auction companies for the majority of stock to be sold, we have been able to negotiate some very competitive disposal costs. All disposal costs can be deducted from sale proceeds, through a self billed invoice.

What’s for sale?

xbg-fleet-disposal-truckWe deal with all types of assets, including company cars, commercial vehicles and items of plant/equipment. Because the stock we receive from our clients is often in large volumes, the actual sales can take place at anytime of year and anywhere in the UK. We have included links to all of the sale sites that we use on our ‘What’s for Sale’ page, please click on the one closest to you, then find our sales section at the auction site.

Can we buy direct from you?

No, all our clients prefer their assets to be processed through public auctions, which is why we have established links with all of the auction sites used. Click on the site closest to you to view our client stock.

Can I buy my company vehicle?

It depends who you work for. Please check first with your employer. If your employer will allow you to purchase your company vehicle, we will deal with this process on your behalf.  Please complete our ‘Employee Purchase’ form to send us your details. Once we receive this completed form we will contact you directly with details.